Super High Roller Bowl Day: Rick Salomon leads the final 27-players

Super High Roller Bowl Day: Rick Salomon leads the final 27-players

Day 1 of the Super High Roller Bowl has gone the same way as a roasted lamb on a Sunday with Rick Salomon leading the final 27-players.

Super High Roller Bowl Day: Rick Salomon leads the final 27-playersWhat would you do if you had three 100,000 stacks, and the option to use them at any time throughout the first nine levels of an event?

The smart money, after witnessing 100% of people do this during the Triton Poker Series, is to fire each bullet separately, only placing another in the chamber once the shell bounces off the floor.

Rick Salomon has never played a Triton Poker Series event.

The last man to register to compete in the 36-person Super High Roller Bowl V (SHRB) currently leads the final 27-players after Day 1 munched through eight levels as the devil goes through a naked angel, after standing solo as the only player to start with a 300,000 chip stack.

Nine players lost their way in the madness of that first day, four of whom are German, and two of which are former SHRB champions.

Here are the eliminations: 

Steffen Sontheimer

The 2017 Poker Masters winner, Steffen Sontheimer, was the first player to lose all three stacks after moving all-in holding KQxx only for Justin Bonomo to call with A2xx, and the ace on the river ensured Sontheimer’s exit.

Giuseppe Iadisernia

Giuseppe Iadisernia limped in the first position; Nick Petrangelo raised to 4,500 in the cutoff, Bryn Kenney called on the button as did Iadisernia. The flop was an all heart A62, Iadisernia led for 11,000, Petrangelo folded, Kenney raised to 75,000 (putting Iadisernia all-in), and the call came.

Kenney: AJss
Iadisernia: KhTd

The Tc landed on the turn to give Iadisernia more outs. But the Ad on the river wasn’t one of them, and the partypoker Caribbean Poker Party $50k winner was all out of luck.

Jake Schindler

Dan Smith opened to 4,500 from the first position with pocket aces and Jake Schindler three-bet with pocket kings. Smith called, and the flop was a low-connected 7h5c4s, Smith checked, Schindler bet 11,000, and Smith called. The turn was the 7s, Smith checked, Schindler bet 28,000, and Smith made the call. The Ah landed on the river, and Smith checked for the third time. Schindler moved all-in for 72,500, and Smith called to send his dangerous opponent to the rail.

Christoph Vogelsang 

The 2017 Champion, Christoph Vogelsang, was all-in for 40,000 and Q8ss, facing David Peters and the superior AJdd on a two spade flop containing an eight, and Peters faded every possibility to send the German to the rail.

Rainer Kempe 

Another former SHRB Champion, Rainer Kempe, bit the dust and it was Bryn Kenney who held his head down. The pair got it in with Kempe on the button holding KQo, and Kenney in the big blind with AJo. All five community cards were lower than a nine, and Kempe was out.

Ben Yu 

Seth Davies opened to 6,500 in late position, Ben Yu moved all-in from the small blind for 57,000, and Davies made the call.

Davies: KhQs
Yu: AhTc

Board: QdJc5h4d9d

The queen on the flop did the damage, and the WSOP $50k winner was out.

Dominik Nitsche 

Dominik Nitsche moved all-in from the small blind, and Dan Smith called in the big blind.

Nitsche: T6dd
Smith: AdTc

Board: Qd5c4c2h5s

Ace high played, and the three-time WSOP bracelet winner headed to the airport.

Bill Klein 

David Peters acted first when he bet 9,000, Rick Salomon three-bet to 29,000 from the small blind, Bill Klein moved all-in for 122,000 in the big blind, and only Salomon called.

Salomon: AhKc
Klein: QhQc

Board: AsKs4s8d3s

Salomon won the flip, sending Klein packing.

Cary Katz 

In one of the final hands of the night, Cary Katz went searching for a straight draw against Fedor Holz’s set of jacks, and he’s still looking.

Here is the end of day chip counts:

Chip Counts

1. Rick Salomon – 806,000
2. Ali Imsirovic – 661,000
3. Daniel Negreanu – 623,000
4. Stephen Chidwick – 553,000
5. Nick Petrangelo – 460,000
6. Seth Davies – 445,000
7. Adrian Mateos – 378,000
8. Bryn Kenney – 371,000
9. David Peters – 344,000
10. Sean Winter – 339,000
11. Justin Bonomo 335,000
12. Talal Shakerchi – 328,000
13. Isaac Haxton – 309,000
14. Mikita Badziakouski – 261,000
15. Fedor Holz – 240,000
16. Igor Kurganov – 237,000
17. Phil Hellmuth – 237,000
18. Brian Rast – 208,000
19. Dan Cates – 190,000
20. Matthias Eibinger – 180,000
21. Sam Soverel – 157,000
22. Alex Foxen – 127,000
23. Chris Kruk – 96,000
24. Koray Aldemir – 92,000
25. Jason Koon – 82,000
26. Dan Smith – 78,000
27. Ben Tollerene – 74,000

Seven people will see a return on investment, with the winner picking up $3.67 million. The schedule promises to play down to the money, and the action begins Tuesday at 2 pm (PT).