Rick Salomon Getting it Quietly…Nearly!

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Pamela Anderson has continued her war of words with her husband Rick Salomon by declaring to everyone within earshot that he took Andy Beal to the tune of $40m, and she wants half when the pair eventually divorce for the 15th time.

Rick Salomon Getting it Quietly…Nearly!Did Rick Salomon take Andy Beal to the cleaners on his way to a $40m haul playing poker last year?

That’s the accusation Pamela Anderson is making as the pair’s bitter divorce battle picks up a head of steam in the international tabloids.

According to court documents that have ended up in the lap of someone working at TMZ, Anderson is claiming that Salomon won most of that $40m whilst playing against American banker and businessman Andy Beal. The documents state that Salomon was $13m down in a game against Beal, held at The Bellagio, before coming back to win more than $16m.

If Anderson’s claims are true, this would make Salomon one of the most successful poker players of 2014. The only other person who claims to have won more than Salomon is, of course, Dan Bilzerian. The man with more mannequins than a TK Maxx warehouse said he earned $50m playing poker with wealthy businessmen.

This is one time that Salomon does not want to stroke his ego. The former One Drop fourth place finisher has filed for an annulment from the former Baywatch star from Nevada. Anderson claims the pair lived in Malibu California, and that Salomon ‘pretends’ to live in Nevada to avoid paying taxes.


The pair has engaged in a strong war of words since their most recent break up hit the Internet cables. Salomon called the red swimsuit wonder a ‘slut’, a ‘crack whore’ and someone who eats ‘fish.

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