Learn about Bitcoin SV without the noise or the nonsense.


Over the past many years, one of complaints I heard from gambling people whenever bitcoin, cryptocurrencies or blockchain was brought up was why? followed by how?

The space is full of shills and promoters, people who are so invested in the price of a coin, they just want people buy more coins, make the price go up and ensure they get their Lambo.

The price of a coin is a shiny paintjob, it looks impressive and it earns tons of media coverage but there is so much more to Bitcoin, at least Bitcoin SV that gets lost in the hype surrounding the digital gold rush narrative. Bitcoin SV is an incredible technology that can solve some problems and create new opportunities for you and your gambling business.

Again, I don’t want to make this a sales job, I’m sure you’ve had plenty of salesmen make their “buy more and hold it” pitch.


I’ve made a list of links and given a brief summary so that you can take it, bookmark it and read it at your leisure away from the hype or the disparaging comments, which unfortunately, there are plenty as they’re focused on the price of their coin rather than the solutions for your business.

CoinGeek.com – News and Updates – CoinGeek.com is the sister site of CalvinAyre.com that offers news, interviews and analysis of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and blockchain through a unique lens.

BitcoinSV.com – General Information about BSV – BitcoinSV.com is a good starting point on your BSV journey. The site shares the basics and some case studies of other businesses who’ve already integrated Bitcoin SV into their businesses.

bitcoinsv.io – Node and Software Updates – If you’re already beyond the basics or if you’re a developer looking to look under the hood, BitcoinSV.io is an excellent resource that explains the technical aspects of BSV. The site also offers a section containing developer resources so you can get started right away building your BSV solutions.

Bitcoin SV Academy – Bitcoin SV Training – The Bitcoin SV Academy is a new site that is offering training on Bitcoin SV. The first course covers Bitcoin Theory.

The next couple of courses will cover Bitcoin Development and Bitcoin Infrastructure. The courses are like Udemy or Lynda with written material, educational videos and tests that require a pass before you can move on to the next section.

Bitcoin Association – Bitcoin Industry Organization – The Bitcoin Association is a non-profit group that supports businesses, developers, transaction processors and others working with the technology. The group offers education to business, organizes the Bitcoin SV technical standards committee and offers out of the box solutions for people and companies looking to build solutions with Bitcoin.

BuyBSV.com – An easy way to purchase Bitcoin SV – As the name suggests, BuyBSV.com offers people an easy way to purchase Bitcoin SV without needing to go through a large exchange. It’s available in most major countries around the world.

Bitcoin SV Events

Just like in the gambling industry, there are plenty of conferences and events revolving around Bitcoin SV, although they’re slightly tamer ;-).

CoinGeek Conferences – These are Calvin Ayre events, you can be sure to receive maximum information with minimal marketing pitches and a wee bit-o-fun thrown in. All of the conferences are recorded so you can watch all or just the topics that interest you. Here are a few conference videos that would be of interest to the gambling industry broken down by topic: iGaming, eSports, Marketing Technology, and Supply Chain Management

Bitcoin SV Webinars – The Bitcoin Association holds regular webinars of varied levels of information on topics of varied interests. They have primarily focused on building new solutions and offer those in attendance a good window into a few of the things that are possible.

Bitcoin SV Hackathons – There are a number of hackathons each year. If you’re familiar with the hackathon concept, they’re just like the rest. Developers are given a certain amount of time and parameters to develop an application. The application judged the best will win a prize which is usually BSV and fame and glory. They offer assistance to Ethereum and non-blockchain developers looking to build on Bitcoin SV.

Some Light Reading

The following are a set of articles that discuss some of Bitcoin SV’s capabilities and offer some real-world business use cases. Most of these are specific to the gaming industry but there are a couple that are more generic but highlight BSV’s benefits.

How Bitcoin SV provides data ledger for Internet of Things – The Internet of Things depends on fast, unfailing data. This recap from a CoinGeek Live 2020 presentation explains how the Bitcoin SV’s low transaction fees allows that data to be stored on the blockchain for minimal costs.

Bitcoin SV is capable of 9000 transactions per second – In January 2021, the Bitcoin SV (BSV) Scaling Test Network (STN) reached a new height processing over 9,000 transactions per second. If your business needs an enterprise solution the TPS potential opens up a world of possibilities as to what can be done on-chain.

Bitcoin SV is capable of enterprise data management – At Sir Anthony Ritossa’s 13th Global Family Office Investment Summit in Dubai, a panel of Bitcoin experts explained how Bitcoin SV is already helping enterprises and governments, digitizing currency and data to solve existing challenges.

Bitcoin SV, big data and the Internet of Things – This article recaps a few of the large non-gaming enterprises that have integrated or are starting to integrate Bitcoin SV into their operations. Notably EHR Data, a data driven health services company, and UNISOT, a global supply chain company have already found success with Bitcoin SV. 

Bitcoin Association – Enterprise Use Cases -The Bitcoin Association put together a resource detailing several ways BSV is already helping businesses make use of cheaper and faster payments

eSports and Bitcoin SV are a natural match -This article discusses the eSports and blockchain technology. Kronoverse CEO Adam Kling discusses why his company chose to build their new turn-based combat strategy game on Bitcoin SV. One key advantage cited was that their games didn’t need a second layer to interface with the blockchain allowing for real-time wagering on matches, with an auditable trail of transactions and game decisions.

iGaming use cases on Bitcoin – We save the best for last. This article discusses Bitcoin SV use cases for the iGaming industry.

Why gaming needs blockchain – iGaming legend Nick Hill breaks down several ways the Bitcoin SV blockchain will benefit the gambling industry, and how operators, players, regulators and others all stand to benefit from adopting the blockchain.