SEO Tip of the Week: Thinking about SEO in a different way

SEO Tip of the Week: Thinking about SEO in a different way

90 Digital CEO Nick Garner Thinking about SEO in a different way in this edition of’s SEO Tip of the Week.

Summary: it’s a peculiar idea to think that Google might actually want your website more than you want them… But that’s the case for so many websites out there which have content users really want and owners who just don’t care about where the traffic comes from. You get this a lot with hobby websites or academic websites which have research papers that have valuable information in them. Of course, if you have a commercial website which has nothing special to offer, you’re probably not that wanted by users and therefore Google.

Tip 1: think about your website from the point of view of a user. Would they miss you if you were not in the search results? If you think they wouldn’t miss you, what can you do to become more special to users?

Tip 2: believe it or not, Google don’t care that much if your website is beautiful or not, they are much more interested in what it delivers to the user. That’s why sites with long lists seem to do well, because they get more engagement and fulfil users needs better.

Tip 3: if you want to understand what Google really cares about when they evaluate a site, read Google quality rater guidelines 2014. It gives you huge depth on exactly what things they are looking for when they decide whether a website is good or not. This document is for quality rater is to help train their algorithms so they can automatically identify trustworthy and authoritative sites.