Level up your marketing efforts with Google Tag Manager

Google Manager

For any business, and particularly for gambling sites, knowing where your marketing spend is working and where it isn’t is important. Google Analytics, which we’ve already covered separately, can help you understand this to some degree, but you can take it to the next level with Google Tag Manager.

Google Manager

What is Google Tag Manager?

In a nutshell, Google Tag Manager (GTG) is marketed as an easy-to-setup, easy to use way for marketing teams to track the performance of their campaigns. No longer does a dev team need to code tags into the site, once the GTG is coded into the header of your site, the marketing team can set up all of their tags from their dashboard, and use Google Analytics to track their results.

Why use Google Tag Manager?

The power of the tags, triggers and variables you can set up in GTG is quite amazing. Once you get a hang of using it, you can set up specific events you’re looking for, like if someone who clicked through from an advertisement ends up signing up an account or making a first deposit, and send that data to Google Analytics for real time analysis. And because the only coding needed on your site is a piece of code in the header, you don’t need to go back to your busy development team anytime changes are necessary.

How do you use Google Tag Manager?

Well, that’s the tricky part, specially for a busy marketing team: It takes some learning. If someone on your team already has a strong understanding of code, they should be able to pick it up pretty quickly. If not, Google offers their own resources to help get you started, and there are hundreds of tutorials online, ranging from the newbie level to expert.

Bottom Line

For a marketing team that is desperate for better analytics, and has enough time to invest, Google Tag Manager is an easy and free solution that can get you what you need. Easy to setup, well documented online, and free, there’s not much drawback. Specially for a smaller business, without the budget for specialized hires and more work than time, it could be the building block you need to get your marketing efforts to the next level