’s most read events stories of 2020


Events and conferences looked pretty different in 2020, as almost everything went digital for the first time. Here’s the five gambling events stories that interested you most in 2020.

Becky’s Affiliated: Rory Credland reveals his vision for ICE North America digital

Businessman reading

Becky spent a lot of time conducting Skype interviews this year, and none of them got more attention than this talk with Clarion’s Event Director, Rory Credland. He explained how conferences were shifting to digital, and just how much work was going into pulling it off smoothly.

London Conference Week 2020 Day 2 recap: ICE London

But before Covid ruined the year, Rebecca Liggero Fontana managed to attend one major event. At the second day of ICE London, she discovered the exciting plans of several companies, like SG Digital, NetEnt and WooHoo games. We hope you enjoyed that outing Becky, because there weren’t many more coming in the year of Covid.

Becky’s Affiliated: Your guide to industry conference reschedules amidst COVID-19 outbreak

As the world went into lockdown in Mid-March, Becky took it upon herself to provide updates on just what was happening to so many conferences. She provided important perspective on how we could cherish our new time in quarantine, and gave new dates for important events, many of which look far too optimistic in retrospect.

Without soccer, diversification is a must: SBC Digital Summit CIS

Now that we’ve had a year’s worth of lessons in crisis management, SBC’s CIS summit looked at just how much the betting and soccer world need each other. That being said, it’s very apparent that sports books need to diversify, and looking at less lockdown prone options like esports was a central focus.

A look at cryptocurrency and iGaming at SiGMA-ICE Asia

The gambling industry has yet to fully figure out the benefits of Bitcoin, something has tried to help with our Bitcoin for Gambling section in 2020. On the conference circuit, panels are still discussing the various benefits of getting on the blockchain, and how it can be cheaper and faster than traditional options.

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