’s most read Venture stories of 2020

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2020 has provided entirely new hurdles to new businesses and work life. Here are the top Venture stories that took a peek into what was happening, and how we could help, in 2020.

Man reading/using from an iPad

New gold mines are waiting to be explored (but not where you think)

SpaceX is making the dreams of every 12-year-old boy come to life. The Elon Musk led company is sending ordinary people into space, and now they’ll be targeting asteroids for mining operations. SpaceX thinks that each asteroid is the perfect opportunity to mine gold and other precious metals.

Dragan Donkov gives the warning signs for an employee in trouble

The Richmond Foundation has been an advocate for mental health in the Malta area since 1993. Becky Liggero Fontana spoke with Dragan Donkov, on how employees can work on techniques remote workers can use to protect their mental health.

Drones now have an enemy: the counter-drone

2020 may be the rise of the drones. Before you think Skynet, drones are now doing everything from delivering pizza to Amazon packages. Before the drones take over, General Dynamics have begun to develop an anti-drone. The drone killer is programmed to detect and protect against drone threats.

Tips for setting up the perfect home office

The perfect home office has become the holy grail for most workers in 2020. Working remotely isn’t the vacation that it’s made out to be. Building a dedicated workspace is one of the keys to forging a successful work at home career. Learn how to turn your office into the ideal place to get things done.

How to write a great business plan

A great business plan is the foundation of any successful business. While getting the basics right can be a challenge for new entrepreneurs, we break down the tips for writing a great business plan. A A great plan will help get your business idea from the fantasy to reality.

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