Tampa, Colorado and Vegas top Stanley Cup odds

Two hockey players stand off
Two hockey players stand off

We’re nearly halfway through this Covid-19 shortened 2021 NHL season, and the playoff picture is starting to shape up. We’ve got odds for a potential Stanley Cup Matchup thanks to Bodog, and due to the wild shortened season we’re witnessing, they’re a little bit everywhere.

With just over a month since the season started, the condensed but pandemic riddled season has seen some teams play as many as 20 of their scheduled 56 matches, whereas others have had games postponed and played as little as 13. That’s still enough for the pundits to have favorites, and for sportsbooks to have started creating these lines.

At the top of the odds, we have a matchup between the Tampa Bay Lightning and either the Colorado Avalanche or Las Vegas Golden Knights. Tampa looks like a favorite thanks to their Goal Differential of +20, although they aren’t even top of the Discover Central division at this point, trailing both the Florida Panthers and Carolina Hurricanes.

Meanwhile, Colorado and Vegas are both competing to win the Honda West division, but 2019 champions St. Louis also up there in the standings, but with an even goal differential.

Also prominent in the potential matchups are the Boston Bruins, Montreal Canadiens and league leading Toronto Maple Leafs. Although Toronto has a better record than Tampa Bay, they’ve played four more games and have a worse goal differential, and perhaps an easier schedule thanks to being in the Scotia North division with the league’s worst team, the Ottawa Senators.

Due to the pandemic, the playoffs will look a little different this year. Each division will have its own 4 team playoffs, with a final four then facing off based on their season standings. That could mean a classic Toronto or Montreal vs. Boston final for the first time since the 1970s.

Unfortunately, that means you can’t bet on a repeat of last year’s bubble finals between the Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning. But if you think Dallas can make it back to the final, there’s some great long odds to bet on; they are +4500 to play either Vegas or Colorado.

If you’re asking me though, if Florida ever creeps into the odds, bet on them. They currently lead the Discover Central division, beat Tampa twice this season in three tries, but Bodog didn’t see fit to list them for any potential matchups.

2021 Stanley Cup Exact Matchup

Colorado Vs Tampa Bay+1800

Vegas Vs Tampa Bay+1800

Colorado Vs Toronto+2000

Vegas Vs Toronto+2000

Colorado Vs Boston+2200

Vegas Vs Boston+2200

Tampa Bay Vs Toronto+2200

Tampa Bay Vs Boston+2200

Colorado Vs Montreal+2500

Vegas Vs Montreal+2500

Tampa Bay Vs Montreal+2500

Toronto Vs Boston+2500

Montreal Vs Boston+3300

Colorado Vs Carolina+3500

Colorado Vs Philadelphia+3500

Vegas Vs Carolina+3500

Vegas Vs Philadelphia+3500

St. Louis Vs Tampa Bay+3500

Tampa Bay Vs Philadelphia+3500

Colorado Vs Dallas+4500

Vegas Vs Dallas+4500

St. Louis Vs Toronto+4500

St. Louis Vs Boston+4500

Carolina Vs Toronto+4500

Carolina Vs Boston+4500

Toronto Vs Philadelphia+4500

Colorado Vs Washington+5000

Colorado Vs Pittsburgh+5000

Vegas Vs Washington+5000

Vegas Vs Pittsburgh+5000

Tampa Bay Vs Washington+5000

St. Louis Vs Montreal+5500

Tampa Bay Vs Pittsburgh+5500

Carolina Vs Montreal+5500

Dallas Vs Toronto+5500

Dallas Vs Boston+5500

Montreal Vs Philadelphia+5500

Colorado Vs Edmonton+6000

Vegas Vs Edmonton+6000

Toronto Vs Washington+6000

Toronto Vs Pittsburgh+6000

Colorado Vs Calgary+6500

Vegas Vs Calgary+6500

Tampa Bay Vs Edmonton+6500

Dallas Vs Montreal+6500

Tampa Bay Vs Calgary+7000

Montreal Vs Washington+7000

Montreal Vs Pittsburgh+7500

St. Louis Vs Carolina+8000

St. Louis Vs Philadelphia+8000

Carolina Vs Philadelphia+8000

Edmonton Vs Boston+8000

Calgary Vs Boston+8500

St. Louis Vs Dallas+9500

Dallas Vs Philadelphia+9500

St. Louis Vs Washington+10000

St. Louis Vs Pittsburgh+10000

Carolina Vs Washington+10000

Carolina Vs Pittsburgh+10000

St. Louis Vs Edmonton+12500

St. Louis Vs Calgary+12500

Carolina Vs Edmonton+12500

Carolina Vs Calgary+12500

Dallas Vs Washington+12500

Dallas Vs Pittsburgh+12500

Edmonton Vs Philadelphia+12500

Calgary Vs Philadelphia+12500

Dallas Vs Edmonton+15000

Dallas Vs Calgary+17500

Edmonton Vs Washington+17500

Edmonton Vs Pittsburgh+17500

Calgary Vs Washington+17500

Calgary Vs Pittsburgh+17500