What Marvel cinematic characters will appear in Deadpool 3

The box office is set to rebound in 2021 with everyone’s favorite R-rated superhero set to make a return. Ryan Reynolds is pulling on the spandex for Deadpool 3 and we have the odds on the Marvel characters set to make a cameo appearance.

Tom Holland’s Spiderman is the favorite to make an appearance with Reynolds in the Deadpool sequel. The last time that we saw Holland’s Spiderman, he had survived battling supervillains in Europe. With Tony Stark out of the picture, Reynold’s Deadpool could be the mentor to fill the void for Peter Parker.

Nicky Fury is another who would be at home in the Deadpool Universe. Samuel L. Jackson has battled snakes on a plane, so there would be no reason to think he wouldn’t be out of place in the Deadpool universe.

If you are a comic book geek familiar with the Marvel folklore, then a cameo from Thanos wouldn’t be a complete surprise. Tony Stark wiped out Thanos with a snap of his fingers, but a superhero recovery in a new film franchise wouldn’t be completely out of place. In the comic book version of the story, both Deadpool and Thanos are both in love with the same woman.

Thor is another character set to feature heavily in the next evolution of the Marvel Universe. The God of Thunder is at a reasonable +300 to pick up the hammer for the next Deadpool installment. Thor is set to make an appearance in a sequel to his series and it wouldn’t be out of the realms of possibility for him to pop up in Deadpool.

While we won’t see Deadpool on the screen until the end of 2022, there’s remains a healthy market for Dr Strange. You can see the full odds below. 

Deadpool 3 Marvel Character Odds

Spider Man  +225

Venom  +225

Nick Fury  +250

Ant Man  +275

Rocket  +275

Thor  +300

Doctor Strange  +300

Captain America  +350

She-Hulk +350

War Machine +400

Thanos +450

Odds Courtesy of Bodog