Andor Palau: Affiliates need optimized, mobile-ready websites

CAI Andor Palau

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, Andor Palau of Peak Ace AG shares how affiliates can best prepare for Google’s mobile-first index and ensure high mobile rankings in the future.

Mobile phones and the internet have become basic necessities for people living in the digital age. Studies showed that over 40 percent of the world’s population, or around 3.5 billion people, were online, while mobile phone subscriptions doubled every two years since 2002.

Adapting to people’s changing online behavior, online search engine Google recently decided to work on its mobile-first index. Analysts expect Google to finish moving its entire index to mobile-first in five years.

Before this happens, affiliates need to have an optimized, mobile-ready website, according to Andor Palau of Peak Ace AG.

“We’re in a transition area, so Google is testing it. We see a lot of different cases, we have for example mobile pages that are already within the desktop search, so they are definitely working on that,” Palau told “So we know that there are different options to optimize a website for mobile and whatever they choose, they just need to make sure that it really works, that there are no errors for example, within the Google search console and so on.”

There are different options to optimize the website for mobile, according to Palau. Whatever option they choose, the Peak Ace executive said that affiliates just need to make sure that it really works and is error-free.

Palau also emphasized the importance of looking at the “bright points” when it comes to responsive design as well as making sure that affiliates serve the right view for the right mobile devices.

“They need to make sure that the page they build is mobile-friendly, so look at the search control and make sure that technically, everything is okay,” he said. “And then, I think, I will build something like a help system or a help setup, just to make sure and to monitor if your mobile page is really working as expected in the future.”