Interview with Michael Leander on Marketing Automation

Interview with Michael Leander on Marketing Automation

Becky Liggero talks to Michael Leander of Michael Leander Company. He defines what marketing automation is and what are some of the ways the operators can communicate to players to keep them engaged and keep them coming back.

Becky Liggero: I’m here with Michael Leander of Michael Leander Company. Michael has 20 years of experience in marketing and he travels the world. So we have this marketing automation and let’s start by you defining what that means.

Michael Leander: Well, there’s many definition of marketing automation. I think the simplest way to automate certain processes of marketing communication.

A very very simple thing is when you sign up for a news letter to instantaneously receive some of a welcome email right. That’s the simplest example of marketing automation. The more advance form is, let’s say you start using a new software as a example, you get the welcome email. Two days later, you get a little more information of how to use this software; four days later, you get another email and so on and so forth.It’s really a matter of having a machine if you will that tries to analyze when the next communication is required.

Becky Liggero: In the online gambling industry, if you’re talking to operators and you’re giving them advise on how to perfect their marketing automation, what kind of platform would you recommend at these guys to use?

Michael Leander: I usually don’t recommend platforms. Because I think platforms are secondary. There are many good platforms out there. I think what’s really important in this particular industry is to have a right strategy in place and understand “Is this primarily for existing customers” which I always recommend. Start with your existing customers, look at how can you automate certain processes, make your marketing more efficient and also the relationship with those recipients better.

Once you mastered that, move on to your acquisition part and look at how we can leverage marketing automation for being more efficient at acquiring the right kind of customers that will eventually turn into the customers with a high, lifetime value.

Becky Liggero: Into specific examples, what are some of the ways the operator can communicate with the players to keep them engaged and keep them coming back?

Michael Leander: There are many ways. But to use a very good example, I think, let’s imagine you have the permission to send emails. and you’re sending emails to a hundred thousand of people every so often. A good number of those people stopped looking at those emails a long time ago. So one way is to have a trigger that says, you know whenever people haven’t been active, you’re not opening or clicking emails for certain period of time will trigger automatically an email. That would be a part of marketing automation program. The communication of that email would depend so much from company to company. the simple one will be, “Hey, Rebecca, I haven’t heard from you for the past three weeks. Where have you been? Lots of good stuff have been going on here and so on and so forth.” That’s a very simple and yet the effective way for the operators to use this type of technology to improve that marketing.

Becky Liggero: Anything that you wanted to add for online gambling operators out there on how to improve their marketing strategy.

Michael Leander: For me who do not have in-depth industry experience. I think trust is the number on thing they have to work on.They’re communication right now is all about sex on the first state. It’s all about, “Here is my offer.” There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m from Denmark. We run around naked in the street waiting for sex partners, very liberal. But it’s really in your face, now. Whether it is betting or gaming or whatever it is. Now. Now, now there’s a special offer. They’re not inviting people with this dialogue, to build that relationship. We will give the trust that the consumer requires and they will be willing to spend money in that relationship. It think that’s the number one thing that they have

Becky Liggero: Very interesting, Michael. Thank for joining me.