Will female fears of ‘computer face’ put brakes on online gaming trend?

Female-Fears-Computer-FaceThere’s no shortage of statistics floating about these days that demonstrate the value of the female demographic to the online gaming industry. Whether it’s social games on Facebook or real money play on dedicated gambling sites, the fairer sex is increasingly accounting for the lion’s share of online activity. But there’s a new phenomenon being discussed in the media that may put a curb on this upward trend.

‘Computer face’ is the term being bandied about by cosmetic surgeons to describe the effects of spending long hours staring at a monitor. It has to do with people who unconsciously frown or squint (leading to wrinkles around the eyes and forehead) or simply those who spend too much time sitting in one position looking down (which causes neck muscles to shorten, leading to saggy jowls and ‘turkey neck’).

Now, we know vanity is not exclusively a female trait, but if word of this phenomenon gets out, there will likely be a certain percentage of female gaming fans who will consider cutting out ‘unnecessary’ computer time. Need we draw you a picture of what that would mean for the gaming industry? (For the record, that picture would include a lot of downward-facing arrows.)

On the other hand, perhaps we’re being a bit hasty. This crisis might represent something of an opportunity for gaming companies, who could bundle cosmetic procedure prizes as part of Slots jackpots or something. Of course, there may be companies who are better positioned for this scheme than others… For example, change a mere two letters in Bodog and you end up with Botox. Can you imagine the tagline? ‘Bodog – Play Hard, Stay Beautiful.’ Damn, this shit writes itself…