Female gambling habits continue influence sites

women gamblingIf you were still of the opinion that women like shopping, pink things, staying at home and working in the kitchen, and TV programmes about how cool it is to live on the beach in California then you need to take a long hard look at yourself. Recently a poll done by UK Nielsen Media Research showed that women are now gambling more than ever before, half of the online gambling population now being females. Maybe they’re staying in the house, and instead of doing the housework gambling their lives away. Who knows…

The survey’s findings have now led to certain operators looking to adopt female friendly games, graphics, and promotions geared towards them, the latest being Casino.com. If owning the domain name everyone in the gaming industry wants to get their hands on wasn’t enough, they’ve only gone and launched a new landing page specifically aimed at females on their site.

Mor Zesso, director of graphic design at Casino.com commented, “Designing pages like this gives us a chance to do something different in the world of online gaming. We want to show the world that playing online is also fun for the ladies. It gives us a chance to focus on what it is that women like.”

So that’ll be a page coloured entirely in different shades of pink, Google ads for shopping on the right hand side, and the machines taking on styling courtesy of the OC, and the Hills. Lauren would be proud.