Fintan Costello talks ways affiliates can work around ad blocking

Fistan Costello on Ad-blockers on Affiliate Industry

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Fintan Costello of Revenue Engineers explains how affiliates can get past ad blocking.

The threat of ad blocking is making headlines across many areas of the digital world, particularly in the iGaming industry, which uses online ads to attract new players.

Both affiliates and operators are at risk of being affected by the sophisticated ad blocking software that are popping up recently. Fintan Costello, of Revenue Engineers, said ad blocking is “clearly a growing trend,” but there are ways that affiliates can get past it.

“There’s many, many workarounds for affiliates to get past ad blocking, so really it probably is more of an issue for operators and how they manage it across many, many partner sites,” Costello told “For individual affiliates, it’s probably (as) simple as take it off.”

He said affiliates shouldn’t have much technical difficulties when it comes to ad blocking, but there are several things they could do like measure its impact on their own websites.

“There’s many, many tools out there that can do that action. It’s quite trivial even, you can just Google it and find [a] free [tool] to do if for you [to] understand how much of an impact [it has],” Costello said.

Another measure that affiliates could do is to move all the ad server on their site to a first party ad server.

“That means the affiliate themselves are in charge of the banner ads and not relied on the operators, which will remove a lot of the risk,” Costello said.

Lastly, Costello said affiliates must make sure their text links aren’t detected by the ad blocking software.

“[For] all affiliates nowadays, most of their click conversions come through text links and buttons on the website, so it’s really thinking about how you manage the click ads and the redirects of the click ads, and making sure that the affiliate text links [will not be] affected by ad blockers as well,” Costello said.