Interview with BetMotion’s Martin Benitez

Interview with BetMotion's Martin Benitez, Latin American Market
BetMotion’s Martin Benitez talks about the Latin American market Video 

BetMotion focus on a number of jurisdictions that are extremely diverse and still realizing their full potential. Their main operations are in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico but they also retain a presence in Chile, Peru and Colombia, making sure they’re present in all gaming industry countries of note in Latin America.

Interview with BetMotion's Martin Benitez,Martin Benitez is managing director of BetMotion and as such an expert on the Latin American market. Working in so many locations gives them a number of different problems that need to be tackled. The diverse cultures that are present, even inside individual countries, mean marketing and customer welfare are at the fore of their strategy. In order to maximize their margins in each different territory they use different brands and looking at the company’s success so far it seems to be working.

Their formula means operating in a number of gaming industry locations across the region is seamless and for a market worth around $32 billion in 2011 you can see why they take it so seriously. It’s also an area that has seen ecommerce growth of 50% and that will only get higher as the market develops further.

The scope for sports betting is huge with two countries in Brazil and Argentina that are quite simply in love with the game. If major private firms were to tap into the market it could be huge but partnerships with firms, like BetMotion, would be the best way to go about it.

In terms of where BetMotion goes now, they’re looking ahead with optimism at further regulation planned and it’s hoped this will take their firm to the next level.