Dave Stann discusses tapping on social media to provide a more gamified experience

Dave Stann acquisition with GSN Games

Rebecca Liggero interviewed Dave Stann of Idle Games and he talks about using social media to provide a more gamified experience.

The advent of social media and digital technology has opened many doors, especially in the online gambling industry. However, many operators have yet to tap into the synergy social media brings.

Dave Stann, director of product at GSN’s skill games division, said gaming operators can actually use social media and other digital technology to cut down on their acquisition costs.

“I think, especially in the online space, there’s been just a real over reliance on the affiliate model for, I mean, let’s face it, 20 years now, and it’s a very effective channel. [But] over the years, it’s been less effective, and one of the things [Idle Gaming] had to learn as a mid-tier social gaming company, especially in the casino side of business is, you know, we’re not gonna be able to compete with the huge Zyngas,” Stann told CalvinAyre.com.

Stann was previously the director of product for Idle Gaming before it was acquired by GSN Games in March. Stann, who’s an expert in digital media and technology, said “more compelling content” is the key to keeping up with the big leagues.

“You have to provide more compelling content, and you also have to really tap into—especially now more so than even two or three years ago—everybody in their pocket has an operating system that can link seamlessly with Instagram, with Pinterest, with not even just Facebook, Twitter, and there’s just so many ways to involve users own social networks to drive user acquisition,” he explained. “The area has just barely begun to be explored, and I think that’s the one area [where] smaller companies can especially keep their costs down.”

There’s a wealth of technology that’s available today, but operators are not taking advantage of them all. Stann said the gaming industry must take advantage of the new technology to provide a more gamified or an entertaining experience for their customers.

“The big casinos, whether online or real-money or land-based, need to really embrace [the] kind of the best practices of social, of skill gaming,” Stann noted. “You really have to just recognize that your customer base has changed. Everyone has really fast computers in their pockets that show movies like that, you know… If you’re not taking advantage of that and if you’re not bringing in the people who have experience working directly with that medium, I think you’re missing out on a big piece of the pie. At the end of the day, it’s synergy and that’s where it’s gotta go from here.”