Jason Somerville Presents RunItUp at Peppermill

Jason Somerville Presents RunItUp at Peppermill

Jason Somerville presents the first-ever RunItUp at Peppermill. An event created to celebrate his one-year anniversary with the Ultimate Poker team, and give the Ultimate Poker community a chance to hang, play and chill.

Jason Somerville Presents RunItUp at PeppermillReno? What’s in Reno?

Well for five days between May 14-18, Jason Somerville, Dan O’Brien and the Ultimate Poker (UP) crew will be hosting a series of special events, and all-round good banter, when they host the first-ever RunItUp at Peppermill.

The event is being held to celebrate Somerville’s one year UP affiliation anniversary, which he says has been ‘the best year of my life.’

If you want a piece of the action there are 15-packages to be won and you don’t even have to know how to play poker to win them.

Somerville is after your creative spark.

The YouTube channel sensation doesn’t give a hoot if you can play poker or not. Instead, he wants to hear from rap stars, singers, artists and crazy fools amongst you.

If you want to win a package to the Reno event that consists of five free nights accommodation and a $500 travel credit, then all you have to do is submit a short video to Somerville selling the reasons why you should be chosen to attend.

Four packages will go to the best song/rap, four for the best piece of art, four for the best wild card videos, two people choice winners and one satellite winner from a specially arranged UP tournament.

You had better get your arse in gear though because the deadline for the competition ends May 9th.

So what exactly is the set up?

The details have not been released yet, but Somerville promises a wide range of tournaments, cash games, training, online poker sessions, but more importantly just the opportunity for the UP community to chill and have some fun.

The packages are only being doled out to US residents, although after a complaint on YouTube, Somerville hinted he may dish out a golden ticket to one lucky non-US resident, but you had better check with the man before going through the trouble of entering the contest.