What’s the best social media platform for your iGaming business


A lot of attention is paid these days on the reputation of brands across social media, especially in the world of casinos and gambling industry. You can’t fit a round peg in a square hole, and it’s important to understand what the best social media platform is for your iGaming product.

The changing global conditions in 2020 have forced the majority of the gambling industry to think outside the square to when it comes to finding and retaining new customers. Affiliates long considered the outliers of the industry have seen their value double overnight. The last twelve months have shown the innovation in the digital space is a must for brands to survive and ultimately thrive in this new environment using social media.

Understanding where to fish for your next batch of potential customers is one of the keys of social media. You won’t find a plethora of poker players talking about their craft on LinkedIn, but you’ll strike paydirt on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.

Here are some takeaways on finding the right social media platform for your iGaming product.


There are roughly 2.7 billion active Facebook users at any given time on the platform. Facebook remains the undisputed centre of the social media universe in terms of the sheer volume of users and the enormous amounts of data that can be harnessed from these interactions, making it the perfect fishing ground for iGaming affiliates. Facebook is a conversational platform by nature and a major driver of this market is its user groups. Poker, blackjack, sports betting and some of the larger land-based casinos have a major following on this platform. Poker players and their fans are all over Facebook.


Twitter is a platform that allows for professional poker players, industry experts and armchair critics to engage in robust discussion with a strict character limit. Any type of affiliate, poker business or sports betting business would enjoy the engagement style of the platform.


From an engagement level, Instagram is a visual platform and as a potential business, it can be perfect if your marketing team is driven by video. Instagram reels and IGTV. A sports betting operator or potential affiliate business would find the most benefit out of this type of platform that attracts a younger audience.


Forget what you have heard about Reddit as a forum-based platform is based on the conversation driving engagement. Customers of land-based and online casinos, online poker will online casinos will frequent this forum for deposit bonus tips, making it the perfect place to engage for customer acquisition.


If you are c-suite or a gambling executive, then you will be wanting to make LinkedIn your wheelhouse. Linkedin has transitioned in the last 18 months to an environment that is similar to Facebook and more conversational. The bread and butter of this platform are tailored toward company announcements and major thought pieces. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to highlight an SBC Conference, a CalvinAyre industry interview with our own Becky Liggero Fontana or a major company announcement.