Chris Searle on how to build and maintain a positive public image

Interview with Chris Searle of Compact Global Limited

Rebecca Liggero talks to Chris Searle of Compact Global LimitedHe shared that the key to building and maintaining a positive public image, especially with complex, global and fragmented industries such as alcohol and online gambling, is by developing one, unified voice.

According to Chris Searle, the gambling business is up to 15 years behind the drinks sector in terms in terms of corporate social responsibility.

Searle is the former chairman of the Portman Group, the responsibility body for drinks producers in the UK, and a former international affairs director of corporate and social responsibility at Bacardi.

Drinking alcohol is a matter of personal choice, and most consumers who choose to drink do so in moderation. Alcohol can cause harm if it is misused, however. It is therefore in our interest to market our products responsibly and encourage consumers to enjoy drinking our brands in moderation.

“At the end of the day, it doesen’t matter what you think your own images, you have to check it out with people who have access to it. It’s not just your consumers or customers also the one that regulate it as well,” Searle said.

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