8 Must-Hear Speakers for SiGMA 2014 Affiliates

8 Must-Hear Speakers for SiGMA 2014 Affiliates

8 Must-Hear Speakers for SiGMA 2014 AffiliatesSiGMA 2014 promises to be the ultimate learning and networking experience for affiliates and marketing partners, who will have the opportunity to sit back and listen industry leaders speak about the latest advances in the world of SEO and content marketing for the iGaming industry.

We listed eight must-hear speakers and the subjects they will discuss at SiGMA for the benefit of participants that don’t want to miss the juiciest information that will be on offer from October 31st till November 2nd.


SEO Consultant, IrishWonder

Julia Logan has been involved in SEO and online marketing since 2000. She honed her skills in these areas by working on a number of personal and business projects, notably with clients in the remote gaming industry.

Julia is an SEO consultant at IrishWonder and chief SEO scientist at 90Digital.com. Her specialties include: SEO security audits, link profile audits, and online reputation management.

The latter subject will be the topic of discussion during the SiGMA 2014 talk she will deliver to affiliates and marketing partners on November 1st entitled: Online reputation management and SEO audits: is your site at risk?


Director of Acquisition, uSwitch

Lukasz Zelezny heads the department of organic acquisition at the London-based price comparison website uSwitch and oversees the brand’s organic performance, conversion rate, traffic and engagement.

Since the beginning of his career in online marketing in 2005, Lukasz Zelezny has been responsible for the organic performance of several companies, thus having first-hand experience of how changes in online marketing technology affected the throughout the years.

On October 31st, he will give a talk entitled Bet, Call and Check your SEO activity to participants in the affiliates track of SiGMA 2014.


SEO Specialist, Notprovided.eu

Jan-Willem Bobbink is an SEO specialist with a passion for online marketing that he has nurtured since 2004. Currently he holds the post of Director of SEO for US-based search marketing agency Acronym Media and is a Brand Ambassador for MajesticSEO.

From all  the experience garnered during the years spent in performance marketing, he formulated his personal SEO philosophy which focuses on better leads, higher conversion rates and delivering an enhanced user experience.

Jan-Willem Bobbink has been invited to speak at several international events, and on October 31st he will step onto the SiGMA 2014 stage to talk about Google’s crackdown on lousy links and how professionals should start thinking beyond linking and envision the future of search marketing.


Founder, HasTraffic/WantsTraffic

Yancy Naughton is the founder of HasTraffic/WantsTraffic, a multi-channel traffic platform that provides clients with the opportunity to bid for targeted, pre-filtered traffic.

His experience in multi-channel traffic spans over two decades. Over these years, he developed, refined and implemented his unique bidding model to true multi-channel traffic platform that optimizes traffic sources.

Yancy Naughton will be presenting on the SiGMA 2014 stage on October 31st, where he will deliver a talk about the latest strategies to make traffic funnels more efficient.


Search Director, Tecmark

Stacey MacNaught currently holds the post of Search Director at Tecmark, a UK digital marketing agency which she joined in 2009 and where she has been involved in numerous campaigns including for clients in the gaming industry.

She specializes in SEO and content marketing and has spoken extensively about these topics at a number of conferences.

At SiGMA 2014, Stacy MacNaught will take the floor on October 31st to discuss two important issues concerning online marketing for iGaming sites, including: successful link building in the current SEO environment, and the key brand signals, apart from inbound links, that influence SEO visibility.


Co-Founder, Internet Vikings

Rickard Vikström is a tech entrepreneur with an extensive experience in overseeing the building of data hosting infrastructure.

He co-founded Internet Vikings in 2009, a company that provides software services to internet professionals who want to maximise their web traffic, including ranked domain names, SEO hosting and IP solutions.

On November 1st, Rickard Vikström will be joining Ebbe Groes on the SiGMA 2014 stage to deliver a presentation entitled: The Bright Future of Affiliate Marketing in a Real Time World.


Managing Director, BlueGlass Interactive

Kevin Gibbons is Managing Director of BlueGlass Interactive, a strategy-driven digital marketing agency which specializes in search and content marketing.

He has been involved in online marketing since 2003 and has established a solid reputation in the search industry over the past decade. He is often invited to speak at leading industry conferences and contributes to digital industry blogs.

In his SiGMA 2014 talk, on October 31st, Kevin Gibbons will share 30 actionable factors and ideas in 30 minutes that can be used to optimize content marketing for SEO within the iGaming sector.


CEO, EveryMatrix

Ebbe Groes is CEO of EveryMatrix, a leading iGaming software supplier which he co-founded in 2008 and which offers a fully-featured sportsbook, a sophisticated back-end system for player and payments handling, as well as an advanced casino games aggregation app among other software solutions.

At SiGMA 2014, on November 1st, Ebbe Groes will be presenting alongside Rickard Vikström his vision of the the bright future that real-time marketing promises to affiliates.

For a complete list of speakers for both conference tracks click here. You can find the full SiGMA 2014 conference schedule here.