ICE ICE Baby Party Review: Word to your mutha!


ice_ice_babySo what if tonight’s party was full of sausage and so what if Vanilla Ice himself wasn’t there…this is the iGaming industry which is predominately male and we can sing Ice Ice Baby on our own, thank you very much.

Organizers Sports Betting Community (SBC) and iGaming SUPER Show did an excellent job bringing together the ICE Totally Gaming Crowd under one roof for a relaxed 80’s music and booze-filled gathering.

Guests started arriving at the Opal Bar venue starting at 7:30pm and were greeted by promo models offering fruity shots at the door as a nice welcome treat. VIP tables were stocked with champagne, wine and beer in addition to a full bar available for everyone and as the night went on, the alcohol continued flowing for 7.5 hours which is frighteningly almost a full work day, to put it in perspective.

Even more frightening is that many of those who arrived at 7:30 remained until the bitter end and they are due to man booths at ICE Totally Gaming tomorrow morning bright and early. What can we say, this is how we do it in the iGaming industry…gambling, drinkin’ and carryin’ on all the way!

Check out the VIDEO, PICTURES and DAF Award at the SBC’s “Ice Ice Baby” Party during the ICE totally Gaming 2011.