Dennis Valdes on Philweb egames Technology in The Philippines

Dennis Valdes on Philweb Egames Technology in The Philippines

Rebecca Liggerro talks to Philweb Corporation CEO Dennis Valdes as he discusses his company’s technology and its future plans.

PhilWeb Corporation is the leading gaming technology provider in the Asia Pacific Region. The company became an Internet company in January 2000 upon the stockholders’ approval of a restructuring plan. Now the company grown from 30 to 305 e-games location.

“Philweb started out as a play. We did not know what we are really doing at that time. We just try t do anything that is web related. and it turned out that what really made money in the web specially when the Philippines is concern was gaming,” Valdes

“And so about 10 years ago, we started into opening up e-games cafe. When i joined the company 10 years ago we started from 30 cafes and all we’ve done is open them up wherever we can get a license from Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) and a mayor’s permit. So far it’s been a good ride.”

Valdes also added that the concept of Philweb e-games technology  is to have a 7-11 of gaming, a convenient store for gaming. A casino that is 1 km away from your home will be easier for the customer. Specially when you’re not located in Manila, whereas most casinos are located.

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