Betsafe claims industry first with launch of Live Roulette app for Apple TV

betsafe-betsson-apple-tv-live-roulette-appOnline gambling operator Betsafe has launched what it claims to be the first gambling app specifically designed for the Apple TV digital media platform.

Betsafe, a subsidiary of Nordic betting operator Betsson AB, announced on Thursday that it had launched a Live Roulette App that allowed customers to play real-money games via their Apple TV connection.

Betsafe’s Apple TV app bypasses the need for customers to own a computer or smartphone, but users with iPhones can pair them to invite as many as six players to play on the same Apple TV screen.

Betsafe’s new Apple TV product is currently only available to customers in Sweden, but the company hopes to roll out the app in other markets in short order, according to Betsson CEO Ulrik Bengtsson, who humble-bragged that the new app would “most likely set the standard for the entire gaming industry forward.”

Betsson Malta chief commercial officer Jesper Svensson piled on, claiming that the app reflected the company’s ongoing search for “new opportunities to develop the customer experience, which makes it natural that we meet our customers on their terms and where they are.”

Speaking with eGR Magazine, Svensson noted that there was as yet “no real gambling app” among the couple thousand products available on the Apple TV app store, and thus Betsson was “not fulfilling a demand but creating it and setting the standard for future competitors to follow.”

Amaya Gaming’s PokerStars brand launched an Apple TV app earlier this year, although the product was simply a new way to stream tournament broadcasts. It remains to be seen whether gambling via Apple TV will gain more traction than the raft of quickie products gambling operators rushed out to capitalize on last year’s release of the Apple Watch, which so far have been been mostly sizzle with little steak.