Betsson’s Eitan Gorodetsky believes affiliates are winning the battle in marketing innovation

Eitan Gorodetsky and Becky Liggero during their interview regarding Affiliate Marketing

Eitan Gorodetsky and Becky Liggero during their interview regarding Affiliate MarketingBetsson’s Acquisition Director Eitan Gorodetsky is a fan of the innovations that affiliates are developing in the digital marketing arena. He believes that the 2020 working environment has presented some opportunities for operators to revolutionize digital marketing streams. The Betsson Director took some time out to describe how affiliates are coping with the added focus on regulation and describe some of the new trends he is seeing with our very own Becky Liggero Fontana.

Gorodetsky believes that affiliate operators are starting to develop better communication strategies when it comes to dealing with compliance. “We need to educate especially our big partners to tell them how to do things, tell them how to communicate with the audiences and keep compliance,” Gorodetsky said. “At the same time, we expect our partners to also take the extra steps to double-check the commercials and everything they load up. Otherwise, we will not be able to work with them properly.”

Gorodetsky conceded that regulations surrounding affiliates can also become complicated. “Sometimes regulation and compliance can become very complex and you need a lawyer’s view. we are happy to give that support, we’re willing to help them grow to consult with us, it’s a two-way stream.”

Turning the conversation towards innovation in the sector, as a fellow gamer himself, Gorodetsky was delighted that affiliates are pivoting towards streaming services.

“Streaming and Twitch is something that is now become a bit of a norm. We are seeing some steps happening in social media also growing and it’s dependent on the market. The more the market is evolving, the more the market is saturated, it’s also harder to get into. Affiliates are using Twitch and the streaming how are the affiliates using it exactly and for what you know for what verticals are they sending traffic to a betting center.”

“I would say the fastest places are video and social media that is when we see that big hyper-growth in innovation,” he added.

The key to bringing in audiences from these new platforms is having fresh eyes in the industry to draw them in. “Niche affiliates and new affiliates are the ones that are into writing this right content to get the esports crowd.”

In the full interview, Gorodetsky gives his insights on how affiliates can attract a new audience from the streaming and esports sector. Don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel for the latest interviews with industry leaders.