Paul Reilly on SEO: Don’t be lazy because ‘Google is not stupid’

Paul Reilly: Tips on SEO Strategies

In this interview with’s Stephanie Raquel, Paul Reilly of Media Skunk Works says affiliates can’t be lazy because neural networks are learning at superhuman speed.

The stage is set for another round of man versus machine—but for SEO this time around.

Paul Reilly, of Media Skunk Works, warned affiliates to be even more cautious when buying links because “Google is not stupid.”

“Neural networks learn like a child, so they just iteratively learn new information… and by just layering and layering more and more data, it’s going to make the game tough,” Reilly told “The good news is for the people who are kind of playing the game a bit, you don’t have to be, like, the best. You just have to be better than anyone else.”

Reilly said affiliates can’t be lazy because machines, which have been defeating humans left and right since 1996, have “superhuman capabilities” that can detect even the slightest anomaly.

“Garry Kasparov was beaten in 1996 and 1997 by Deep Blue playing chess. That machine was 540 times less powerful than a modern GPU, so we’re talking about superhuman capabilities. You can’t be lazy and just keep posting 500-word articles on sites without even checking what the distribution looks like,” Reilly said.

His tip: look for outbound link patterns and the value of the keywords.

“We also find in sites that are spamming even the simple things that you can measure could be word count, grammatical errors, typos. If you are posting content on sites with links to your site and using money phrases and you’re putting 500-word articles on sites that have a normal distribution, somewhere around 100 words or 150 words and your grammar or spelling is perfect but you put those on sites where they do have errors then you incrementally stand out more and more and more every time you post,” Reilly said. “If we can detect it, [then] Google can detect it on a global scale.”