Reflex Games’ Mat Ingram talks British slots and age verification


Providing top of the line slot machines in the U.K. market, with an ever growing fear about underage gaming taking hold, can be a tricky proposition. Reflex Gaming specializes in this market, and they’re doing so with the most responsible approach. Chief Product Officer Mat Ingram joined our Becky Liggero Fontana to discuss the details of how they accomplish that.

A key piece of how Reflex Games approaches responsible gaming comes from a deal they made not too long ago. “So we’re just teaming up with various companies that are experts in their field,” Ingram said. “So payment technology companies, but also age verification companies like Yoti. And they’re working together, we’re bringing together a full solution that allows anybody to play a machine, whatever age they are, however technologically savvy they are, to be able to play a machine as long as they’re over 18.”

Liggero Fontana asked why Yoti was the perfect partner for age verification technology. “First, the individual professional backgrounds in the gaming industry mean that they can provide solutions in the context that we need them,” Ingram replied. “So they’re not purely an age verification company, they are an age verification company with gaming industry experience, which is important for me. They’re also small and very agile, as are we, and we like working with businesses like that, rather than massive multinational corporations where we might get lost in their melee. And you know we’ve become good friends as well. So, I think, we’re working extremely collaboratively, it’s commercially viable, and it kind of ticks all the boxes, really.”

But the experience players are in for, once they’ve proven to be over 18, is where Reflex’s expertise kicks in, and it’s one that is undeniably British. “The pub theme is us unashamedly saying that we’re British, and we’re aiming at mainly at the British market and then mainly the British pub market, in fact,” he said. “We have a range of products here that would work in a British pub, or in any British establishment. Digital slot machines, analog slot machines, as you see behind me, and anything in between. So you know a variety of technologies and a variety of products for the U.K. market.”