Texas House says daily fantasy sports is a game of skill

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A number of jurisdictions around the world are still trying to determine if daily fantasy sports (DFS), poker and other games involving gambling are based on skills or luck. While the evidence supporting the requirement to have skills is glaringly obvious, some people need everything to be spoon-fed. Fortunately, this isn’t the case in Texas, where legislators have dropped the gavel and said that DFS is definitely a game of skill.

Texas House says daily fantasy sports is a game of skillThe Texas House approved a bill on Wednesday that would legally classify DFS as a game of skill, not of chance. As such, it would be considered legal in the eyes of the Lone Star State’s constitution.

House Bill 2303 (HB 2303) was introduced by Representative Joe Moody and received overwhelming support in that chamber. It passed by a vote of 116-27, but will be put to one more vote in the House before making its way to the Senate. Given the support already received, the second House vote most likely won’t be much different.

DFS critics—those who criticize everything simply because they like confrontation—have tried to argue that DFS sites are centers for illegal gambling. It’s the same argument they try to use in denying any activity and they’re fighting a losing battle. DFS is gathering steam and recognition across the globe and opponents are going to have to find a new way to occupy their free time.

Asserts Moody, “House Bill 2303 simply seeks to clarify state law and confirm that skill-based fantasy sports are legal and therefore not an act of gambling. It’s very similar to what 19 other states in the country have done in recent years, and the United States Congress made this change in 2006.”

The Texas Fantasy Sports Alliance is obviously ecstatic about the decision. The group, which is backed by DraftKings and FanDuel, has been working the political scene to try and push for legalization, and a representative for the organization, Scott Dunaway, indicates in a statement, “We look forward to continued progress in the Texas Legislature to protect fantasy sports players and Texas-based businesses supporting this industry and this much-need[ed] modernization of the Texas Penal Code.”


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