Hillary Clinton favorite to win 2016 presidential race; Betfair launches election app

hillary-clinton-favorite-to-win-2016-presidential-race-betfair-launches-election-appPaddy Power has taken over 5,000 individual bets on the 2016 U.S. presidential race and Hillary Clinton is the overwhelming favorite.

Despite the delay of Clinton’s planned presidential announcement due to some apparent cronyism scandal involving her brother Anthony Rodham and two of her political confidants, Paddy spokesman Rory Scott said that as of Sunday evening, Clinton had received about 33% of the individual bets made on the race.

Paddy’s odds have Clinton in the lead to win the US Presidential election at 6/5 followed by several Republicans such as former Florida Gov. Jed Bush at 4/1, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Florida Gov. Scott Walker at 10/1 and sports betting and online gambling supporter New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie at 12/1.

The bookmaker also takes bets for the winning party led by the Democrats at 4/6, Republicans at 6/5 and Independent at 50/1. The expected gender of the 2016 president has Male at 8/13 and Female at 6/5.

Meanwhile, Betfair has launched “Betfair Predicts app” that aims to show how the Betfair Exchange is calling the UK General Election in real time across mobile and desktop.

The interactive Betfair Predicts app was built by digital agency Grand Parade. The data includes who will be the next prime minister, which party will take the most seats and more.

Betting data is constantly paralleled to the main polling agencies, social media, and exclusive Betfair insight and will be displayed in visually appealing means such as an interactive constituency map from now until May 7th—the UK General Election Day.

“As a company rooted in technology and innovation, we’re excited to bring our new political prediction app, Betfair Predicts, to anyone with an interest in understanding how the general election will unfold,”  said Alex Deacon, director of innovation for Betfair. “Betfair has always offered a transparent way of tracking the outcome of political events, but this app brings these predictions to life in an engaging and simple way.”