Social Media Tip of the Week: Engaging Influencers on Twitter

The Media Image  Head of SEO and Social Darren Sheffield shares some of the best tips on Engaging Influencers on Twitter in this edition of’s Social Media Tip of the Week.

  1. Research your influencers carefully

o   this may sound obvious, but make sure the influencers you plan to get hold of will indeed want to engage with the content and will under no circumstances be offended by your approach – remember that Twitter is a very public forum.

  1. @mention the influencers with tailor made messages

o    the temptation is to send a bunch of generic tweets, but again, Twitter is a public forum and your tweets can easily be tracked by others. Create considered outreach tweets and you’ll be sure to not rub anyone the wrong way.

  1. It’s important to offer your target influencers something

o   Have you created something valuable such as a free resource? Then present that resource as a gift. This is a great way to start a relationship.

  1. Engage your influencers in conversation

o   The easiest way to do this is to reply to one of their Tweets. Are they asking a question? Step in and give them the solution they are looking for and you’ve immediately become someone worth talking to.

  1. Compensate if necessary

o   When the influencer is big enough it’s more than valid to offer some compensation for their time, and expect to be asked. Depending on the type of transaction this may result in the use of a #spon to show the message is sponsored.

Final point to stress is to build relationships for the long term.