The truth is out there, somewhere

Calvin checks over Becky's final thesis
Calvin checks over Becky's final thesis has hired London-based reporter Rebecca Liggero as its Brand Ambassador. Having qualified for the role via one of the most well run programmes of its type by any brand Liggero has assumed her role in conjunction with another position as head event reporter for

The two programmes, though distinctly different and in fact are with two separate but related entities ( and, actually complement each other in the way that both programmes grow the influence of all involved.

What has emerged from studying this programme is just how resistant unreal memes or urban myths are on the net to the truth, even when confronted with actual facts. As the linked article concludes, some people are happy to live in denial and don’t actually want to know the truth, it’s as if they live in a reality distortion field of some sort.

But all brands have a duty to get the truth out on the net for those who do insist on getting to the truth. Really, as Rebecca Liggero (forum handle BodogBecky) has often said, “When I post confirmable facts into a thread full of often bizarre opinions of reality, I know I am actually posting for anyone with a brain who accidentally lands in this thread and not necessarily the thread’s existing participants. They will be able to quickly figure out what’s real and not be lead astray.

“The guys who do not want to know the truth will just ignore it anyway so they are not my audience. Knowing this makes it easy not to take the sometimes petty forum insults personally and just go about my business of checking and publishing the facts. Combining the two roles I have makes for one of the best overall jobs in the online gaming industry. Basically I love my job.”