Kindred to improve responsible gambling policy; Aussies following suit

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The Kindred Group has partnered with two gambling addiction specialists to contribute to improving their responsible gambling policy, and a research team out of CQUniversity Australia plans to do likewise in the land of kangaroos and duck billed platypus.

The Kindred Group has your back.

The Malta-based owners of Unibet and 32Red have reached out to two of the most respected addiction specialists to help them get ahead of the curve when it comes to their role in promoting a healthy and safe gambling environment.

Kindred to improve responsible gambling policy; Aussies following suitNeccton director Michael Auer and Nottingham Trent University professor Mark Griffiths are currently diving deep into the minutiae of Kindred Group customer data to see if they can establish the efficacy of Kindred Group’s responsible gambling policy.

The pair has been writing articles on gambling addiction for the past five years, pointing out effective strategies such as imposing time and money stop limits, pop-ups, and providing personalized direct feedback based on actual in the moment gambling behaviour.

Maris Bonello, Integrity and Analytics Manager, for the Kindred Group, believes the partnership will help deepen their understanding of problem gambling habits, as well as strengthening their commitment towards social responsibility and ensuring Kindred Group runs a sustainable business.

The addiction specialists hope that their finding not only improves the lives of Kindred Group customers but the gambling community as a whole.

In May, Kindred Futures, a strategic department of the Kindred Group, announced plans to investigate the potential for using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help them combat problem gambling. Let’s hope they don’t turn gamblers found spending the kid’s college funds into paper clips.

Australian Research Team Looking Into The Same Thing 

It’s not just the Europeans who are looking for ways to mitigate potential gambling problems. A research team at CQ University in Australia has taken up the challenge of digging through gaming data to come up with an algorithm that will allow gambling operators to identify problem gamblers much earlier in their journey.

The team will go to work with a piggy bank containing $300,000 thanks to funding from the Commonwealth Department of Social Services and the Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation. Professor Nerilee Hing, who is leading the research team, believes their work is unique in Australia.

The new algorithm will use statistical machine learning applied to actual wagering data to predict when gamblers habits are about to go awry. In doing so, the research team believe they can embed their algorithm in any online gambling company’s software to begin helping them take a tighter rein on their operations.

It’s an excellent idea, with positive intentions at the forefront of the move, but I think the Kindred Futures AI philosophy is a much better way forward.


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