Global Poker League: Talking Money; Draft Minutiae; And Negreanu Could Still Compete

Global Poker League: Talking Money; Draft Minutiae; And Negreanu Could Still Compete

More details have emerged from the Global Poker League H.Q including details on revenue splits, draft minutiae, and a reminder that Daniel Negreanu could still play a significant role.

Daniel Negreanu might still have an important part to play in the Global Poker League (GPL).

During our recent chat with the great man we asked him why he wasn’t one of the 12 GPL Team Managers and this is what he had to say:

Global Poker League: Talking Money; Draft Minutiae; And Negreanu Could Still Compete“I am supportive of Alex {Dreyfus} and his vision. I think he has the right approach in mind but regarding myself and associating my brand, I am playing a wait and see approach. I wasn’t ready at this point to commit fully to playing a large role in being a team manager.”

Ranked #76 in the Global Poker Index (GPI), Negreanu is eligible to be picked as a player when the draft kicks off on Feb 25th. We asked him whether he would be putting in an application?

“I don’t know. I will have to take a look. I am not certain just yet.”

It’s doubtful that Negreanu will be selected on the night, although it would make for fantastic TV/Live Stream/Whatever you want to call it. Negreanu will be joining Phil Hellmuth and Kara Scott calling the action, and seeing the man drafted from that spot would be interesting to say the least. That said, I believe Negreanu’s best approach is via the wildcard avenue. Five of the twelve team managers are PokerStars employees.

Draft Details

Do you want to understand more about how the draft works?

The GPL website contains a handy downloadable guide.


Listen up.

Players who ranked in the top 1,000 positions at the end of the 2015 Global Poker Index (GPI) season are allowed to apply for a post in the draft. Once a contract has been signed, there is no turning back. They must play for whoever drafts them.

There will be three draft picks.

On 18th Feb, the GPL will announce the order of the picks by GPL team manager. A randomized draw will determine the order.

On 25th Feb, the three draws will be made. Each GPL manager will select three players to compete for them in the 2016 GPL.

The week after the draft each manager will announce two wildcard entries to take their team totals up to five players. Contrary to former belief, team managers can select themselves for the GPL 2016.

Dreyfus has also tweeted that there will be All-Star and Pro-Am events as part of the 2016 GPL season.

Money, Money, Money

In a groundbreaking change, players will be paid to compete in the GPL.

So what do they get?

Regarding salary, players will receive $100 per hour with an expectation that they will play a minimum 35-50 hours, increasing by 50% in Season 2.

Players will receive 20% of the $100,000 winner’s purse.

There will be a Most Valuable Player (MVP) award and bonus.

25% of revenue from merchandising, licensing agreements and sponsorships, will also go to the players.

Anyone playing in a GPL live event will have their travel expenses covered.

It promises to be the most interesting and exciting phase in modern poker history, and I for one cannot wait.