Subscription based poker expands to 160 colleges

Frat party

Frat partyUniversity of Central Florida students are the latest to have the chance to play poker online with a subscription-based poker site. With online poker regulation talked about in the US as if it’s going out of fashion, you forget that subscription-based is still around. College students are perhaps better placed than most and one College student decided that a collegiate life consisting of frat parties and bedpost scratching wasn’t for him.

After extensive research on the online gambling industry, Chandler Bator, an Arizona State University student, created that aims to create a safe atmosphere for the college population’s plethora of poker maniacs. All Bator’s geeky hard work looks to have developed a cash cow. Students pay $19.95 to use the site and there are already 160 universities signed up. The amount of poonani he would get by visiting 160 different places would be orgasmically high!

The idea behind the project is to create a site that provides students a safe environment to play online poker. Prizes include actual winnings as well as seats at the World Series of Poker (WSOP). Bator shared his idea with Barbara Bucca who had experience with subscription-based sites and it started from there. She commented: “I thought [Bator’s] discussion had tremendous conviction for trying to help his fellow students to have the ability to enjoy the games that they love, yet having them play in a safe environment in itself was a brilliant idea.”

Bator explained that it’s not just the safety that subscription-based sites provide. Far from it. The site only hires students and has already given 300 jobs paying $5 for every successful new sign up. Bucca called it the “cherry on top.”

Eventually Bator hopes the site will generate a minimum of 4,000 jobs for students and become the place that students learn the online poker ropes. It could become a bit irrelevant if online poker is regulated but that could be some time and it gives college students the ideal place to learn what could become a lucrative career for them.