ASU student launches online gambling site

Online GamblingOnline gambling continues to be a hot button issue on Capitol Hill, yet while the suits in Washington are all bullshitting about the morality of legalized gambling and taxation rates, a sophomore at Arizona State University has launched his own legal online gambling site that would cater specifically to college kids aching to gamble with that “emergency” cash from mom and dad.

Calling the site “Your College Poker Club,” finance student Chandler Bator legally launched his site by classifying it as a sports and recreational website that promotes safe and effective interactions between students across the country.

Bator partnered with local charitable poker site Charity Stakes to establish a profit model and the result is a subscription-based site that allows students the chance to win cash and prizes such as seats at the main event of the World Series of Poker.

Bator may actually succeed with this business plan, as the Arizona native has hired street teams to spread the word of the site to more than 160 schools nationwide.

Speaking to the school’s newspaper, Bator proved that he knows what people want to hear.
“We are trying to create a U.S.-based company in which students will be able to spend their money in a responsible manner, while gaining opportunities to win cash and prizes,” Bator told the State Press. “This is the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity that I can receive, and I’m excited to mold the experience.”