How Bitcoin SV benefits iGaming Affiliates


In the iGaming industry, affiliates play a significant role in acquiring and retaining players with an online gambling operator. Bitcoin SV can play a vital role in helping iGaming affiliates, and gambling operators maintain a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship.

how-bitcoin-sv-benefits-igaming-affiliatesWith such a relationship, trust is incredibly important. It will be a shame if that trust breaks because of wrong data or a miscommunication between the affiliate and an affiliate manager. 

Such a loss of trust can shift an operator’s balance sheets if a disgruntled affiliate manager sends a well-timed email to their players, suggesting they would be better off playing with a different iGaming company. 

Bitcoin SV can better serve that relationship by removing the need to trust that either side of the relationship will hold up their part of the deal. Here are some points to help explain Bitcoin SV’s benefits for the affiliate-iGaming operator relationship. 

Affiliates Reputation

When you’re at an affiliate conference and operators are looking for traffic or want to let them know you have traffic, conducting your business on Bitcoin SV will give affiliates an immutable permanent record of all referrals and conversions. 

Instead of sharing proprietary analytics data, affiliates can share their BSV public yet private records with potential partners to prove the quality of their traffic numbers.

Brand Owner Reputation

The immutable record of your conversions will enhance your brand. It builds a better relationship with your partners as there will be no quibbling over which players are yours and which players came via other channels. Putting your data on the BSV blockchain will eliminate reporting discrepancies in earnings and commissions.

Real-Time (Micro) Payments

Bitcoin SV can automate the payment process and even pay in micropayments of less than a penny. Instead of having a minimum payout amount, smaller affiliates can promote brands and still earn without extra overhead for the operator partner. 

Affiliates and agencies can agree on any price point from a fraction of a cent to any amount. All data can be viewed in real-time to understand market share and how to evolve marketing strategies.

Affiliates can earn across the entire web

BSV smart contracts and ledger offers interoperability so that affiliates can work more closely with multiple brands to earn. It frees them from being locked into unilateral agreements. 

Audit and KYC built-in

Smart contracts can be built-in to allow on BSV to allow Auditing and KYC from the beginning. It simplifies earnings and payout management due to the open nature of the ledger. It will cut operating costs by requiring fewer relationship managers to fill the needs of more affiliates. 

Affiliates own their history.

The affiliates own their data stored on the public BSV blockchain. When negotiating new deals with partners, they can show their history of success in promoting other brands rather than relying on reputation. 

If you’re an iGaming Affiliate and looking for Bitcoin SV iGaming operators to partner with, please consult our resources directory to learn more.