Andy Taylor talks about the future of marketing with Facebook Live


On the Tools is a social media marketing agency that has sought to create the largest online construction based community in the U.K., currently, standing at 2.5 million members. One of their goals is to help these companies to thrive by providing and producing materials that can help boost the sales of their clients. This has led them to create videos that have been seen over a billion times since 2017.

In a recent interview with Becky Liggero of, Commercial Director Andy Taylor explained how the company has been assisting their clients using Facebook Live as the social media platform to do so. Taylor explained that this is the ideal platform because “It allows you to build an audience very quickly because the followers of your page already get a notification whenever you go live.”

Instead of having to go out and market to potential customers to get them to watch videos, they are already on board with the construction company because they are following it. He explained that this makes it far easier to reach a large audience because they are notified of when you are about to go live, and can still watch videos even after you’ve signed off.

The use of the Facebook platform also allows companies to entice its followers to take some kind of action. “You can really go to a call to action when you are working live because you are asking them to carry out some kind of activity or to take part in something.”

This action, according to the commercial director, can occur in many ways, but most importantly it allows them to be involved in the discussion. They are not just passively listening if the videos are done correctly. “It’s passive it’s easy to get bored. If you engage them so they are able to take part, so they have a say in the outcome or they are getting something, these type of elements really help to keep the audience engaged.”

While excited about the opportunities that Facebook Live provides, Taylor is believing that there is going to be an even greater use for On the Tools’ clients coming soon. “E-commerce will hopefully be a major player in the next 12 months or so. Facebook is bringing out their own cryptocurrency so it makes sense that they want people to transact and messenger when using that currency. That opens up a whole new world of opportunities for people who can broadcast live and start to sell products and services directly to their followers.”

This is the direction that the company is focused upon. The opportunity to reach and market their products and services directly to consumers.