New gaming industry diversity group gets boost from Scientific Games

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A new group designed to address diversity in the gaming industry has just announced some big news. The All-In Diversity Project (AIDP), a nonprofit group that creates tools to enhance diversity and workplace equality, will have Scientific Games Corp (SG) as a founding member.

new-gaming-industry-diversity-group-gets-boost-from-scientific-gamesSG will spearhead collaborative efforts with other partners in the organization in order to assess diversity, equity and inclusion standards and goals for the industry. It will also help facilitate conversations that will be designed to create global standards for gaming companies so that they adopt more diverse policies. The company will work closely with the other partners and members and track the progress the industry makes toward broader diversity and inclusion.

SG’s director of diversity and inclusion, Katharine Anderson, said in a press release, “Gaming is evolving and growing more than ever, and it’s crucial that the industry embraces the diverse and unique people who contribute to the gaming world. Scientific Games is proud to be a founding partner of this trailblazing project and celebrates the efforts being made to create an inclusive environment with opportunities for all.”

The AIDP was founded in 2017 and undertakes a number of activities to raise diversity awareness. It offers events and programs and also conducts surveys in order to campaign for more inclusion. Moving forward, the company hopes to become a central data resource and to offer insightful tools that are able to develop inclusive policies, teams and products.

The co-founder of the project, Kelly Kehn, adds, “It’s fantastic to have Scientific Games become a founding member of the All-In Diversity Project. We are so proud to add an organization who doesn’t just ‘talk the talk’ but is proactively open to collaboration and discussion around developing best practices which help to address key challenges that we face not only in the gaming industry, but across all industries.”

The AIDP has adopted policies from the British Standards Institution (BSI) in order to create international workplace standards. The organization’s director of standards, Dr. Scott Steedman, asserts, “Many organizations are looking at ways to improve equality and diversity in their workplace. The aim of this PAS [Publicly Available Specification] is to provide a framework so organizations can give every individual the chance to achieve their potential, free from prejudice and discrimination.”


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