Kelly Kehn: There’s a big shortage of women in every industry

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In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, All-in Diversity Project co-founder Kelly Kehn explains how promoting diversity brings value to the company.

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A lot of things happened in the 21st century: man walked on the moon, slavery was abolished, and, for the first time, women were given a voice in the society through suffrage.

Despite all these milestones, All-in Diversity Project co-founder Kelly Kehn pointed out that the male-dominated nature of the gambling industry has not budged for more than a decade. The lack of diversity is one of the reasons why the gambling industry—especially on the land-bsaed side—is starting to show signs of stagnation, according to Kehn.

“We know that there’s a big shortage of women, that’s globally and in every industry. So, I think now, people are starting to say ‘Okay, this make sense. Let’s start to talk about it. Let’s start to measure and benchmark and create a level of transparency that we can compete on the world stage,’” Kehn told

The main goal of All-in Diversity Project isn’t to pit women against men but rather help the gambling industry to move forward in terms of diversity, inclusion, recruiting new talent, being able to retain the right talent and closing the skills gap within the industry, according to Kehn.

She explained that the consultancy firm offers a body of data for the industry free of charge, in hopes that the gambling operators are going to take that data and use it as a tool to improve their businesses.

Though adding women to an organization’s workforce doesn’t guarantee increased revenue, Kehn said there are studies that show the benefits of diversity to businesses.

“Promoting diversity within your company means you have the access to the widest pool of talent, which is incredibly important, in places like Malta. It means you can, you don’t have the bias that you can keep and retain the top talent no matter what they look like or the backgrounds they’ve come from,” the All-in Diversity Project co-founder said. “It means you are bringing in new perspective to your business, which affects your product, it affects the way you market, and it affects the way people feel actually when they are working on teams day to day.”


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