Harris out, ex-city attorney tapped to head Nevada Gaming Control Board

Harris out, ex-city attorney tapped to head Nevada Gaming Control Board

There’s a new Governor in Nevada, and he’s making changes. The Nevada Independent reports that freshly sworn in Democratic Governor Steve Sisolak will be appointing Sandra Douglass Morgan as the new chair of the Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) when current chairwoman, Republican Becky Harris, finishes her term on January 27.

Harris out, ex-city attorney tapped to head Nevada Gaming Control BoardMorgan was previously the city attorney for North Las Vegas, and was the first African-American city attorney in the state of Nevada. She left that role to work as director of external affairs for AT&T.

In a statement, Governor Sisolak showed confidence in Morgan’s ability to carry out the role for the four year term. He said, “Sandra’s extensive experience and record of leadership shows that she is not only qualified to chair the Nevada Gaming Control Board, but that she will excel at it as well.”

Becky Harris, the first woman to serve as chairperson for the NGCB, only held that role for one year, but an eventful one. Days into her tenure, the Steve Wynn sexual harassment allegations came to light. In response, Harris mandated that license holders report annually to the NGCB on the topic of harassment. Harris only served as chairwoman for 1 year as she was appointed to replace former chairman A.G. Burnett, who resigned the role.

Social media reaction to the appointment was swift, with many Facebook commenters criticizing the new Governor for not re-appointing Harris to another term, feeling she did very well considering the Wynn controversy. It’s not exactly a surprise though, as it should be expected that a Democrat Governor would want a chairperson from his own party.

Sisolak recognized Harris’ contributions, saying, “I want to thank Becky Harris for her service during her time as chair, and to recognize the incredible milestone her tenure marked as the first woman chair of the board as well as her commitment to combating sexual harassment and discrimination in Nevada’s gaming industry.”

There will be one more appointment to come, as board member Shawn Reid has said he does not wish to be re-appointed when his term expires later this month.