The Poker Brat makes an appearance on the Domenick Nati Show

The Poker Brat makes an appearance on the Domenick Nati Show

One of the most lively podcasts today is led by celebrity publicist Domenick Nati. He covers a variety of topics on the iHeartRadio show from news to pop culture and has interviewed everyone from Gene Simmons to Michael Vick. In his latest show, Nati was joined on the phone by one of poker’s greatest players, 15-time WSOP winner, Phil Hellmuth.

The Poker Brat makes an appearance on the Domenick Nati ShowThe interview is available on YouTube and gave Hellmuth the opportunity to talk about his book, #Positivity: You Are Always in the Right Place at the Right Time, as well as discuss a variety of other topics, from basketball to poker. He brought up his relationship with the Golden State Warriors and, in particular, the team’s Draymond Green. He said of the NBA star, “Draymond’s my boy. I love him. If people really know who he was they’d love him…He gets tilted on the court like I do in poker… Also, I’ve been helping him with his poker game.”

Obviously, no interview with Hellmuth would be possible if it didn’t also involve poker. One of Nati’s co-hosts on the show asked if Hellmuth had played in any high-stakes games in Macau. The Poker Brat responded that he hadn’t, but pointed out that the big games are transitioning from Macau to the Philippines.

Another co-host, Chris, suggested that Hellmuth begin a “garage tour.” Chris is a big fan of the rock band “Foo Fighters,” who are known for crashing events and performing. He wants to see the poker pro to travel around to home games in a similar fashion in order to promote poker. Hellmuth indicated that he liked the idea and said that it would be “normalizing,” giving him the ability to remain humble in his world that includes last-minute jaunts to Cabo and $60,000 tickets to sporting events.

Hellmuth also indicated that he is currently speaking to CNN about hosting a show on the news network. However, he didn’t provide details on what the show would entail.

Nati wrapped up the interview with a poker trivia question for Hellmuth—“What is Phil Laak’s middle name?” Hellmuth admitted that he didn’t know, so Nati had to fill in the blanks. If anyone is wondering, it’s Courtney.