Negreanu appears on the Domenick Nati Show

Negreanu appears on the Domenick Nati Show

Daniel Negreanu is one of the most prolific poker players of all times. The Canadian poker mind reader has over $39 million in live-action winnings, according to Hendon Mob, and is also active Negreanu appears on the Domenick Nati Showon PokerStars. He was the leading poker moneyman only until this summer when he was finally dethroned by Justin Bonomo. Kid Poker recently appeared on the Domenick Nati Show, a podcast orchestrated by the celebrity publicist. In typical fashion, Nati threw out questions right and left, to which Negreanu eagerly responded.

Negreanu doesn’t get intimidated. That should be obvious by the amount of money he has won. There are some players, however, that force him to change things up in order to provide strong competition. When Nati asked Kid Poker if there were any players who were intimidating, Negreanu wasted no time in responding in the negative, but pointing out that he finds German high-stakes poker pro Feder Holz a difficult player. He said Holz is extremely aggressive, which forces Negreanu to adjust his game in order to stay on top.

The conversation segued from there into how player antics could be affecting the game. Nati asked if Negreanu felt that the actions of players like Will Kassouf and others who are trying to make a name for themselves are causing bad vibes for poker, to which Negreanu responded, “Overall, y’know, characters are good for poker. Obviously you can go to the extreme and you mentioned Will Kassouf, y’know, he can kind of be annoying in large doses.” He added that he can be funny at first, but that, after a while it gets out of control leading to an outburst such as, “OK, I’m sick of your schtick, man, shut up.”

Next on the plate was a subject that most would avoid like the plague. The two turned their attention to politics and Nati specifically asked Negreanu what he thought of President Trump by asking, “What are your views on Donald Trump?” Kid Poker didn’t mince words with his response.

Negreanu asserts, “Well, he’s a con artist…He lies repeatedly. He’ll say one thing and ten minutes later say the exact opposite of what he said and then he’ll say he never said that.” Negreanu didn’t hold back, calling Trump “repulsive,” “vile” and “full of shit.” At least we know where he stands on the subject.