Poker Brat slammed on social media for defending Ferguson’s ‘apology’

Poker Brat slammed on social media for defending Ferguson's 'apology'

Poker Brat slammed on social media for defending Ferguson's 'apology'Last week, Chris Ferguson came out of the woodwork to apologize for the Black Friday fiasco. The apology, apart from coming about seven years too late, was completely void of anything that indicated remorse on his part, and social media users were quick to point this out. One player who has often come to Ferguson’s defense, Phil Hellmuth, once again defended his pal, and the tongue-lashing was even worse than what Ferguson received.

Last Thursday, the Poker Brat took to Twitter, posting, “Here is a video from Chris Ferguson. It’s a shame that so many of the younger poker players have JUDGED Chris so harshly. I believe that the whole truth about Full Tilt Poker will come out, and I believe the “Haters” will be surprised.”

Adam Schwartz didn’t waste much time to point out Hellmuth’s own checkered past. Calling Hellmuth “ignorant,” he tweeted, “Ferguson stole our money and used it to fill his pockets. Same what Ultimate Bet did, do you remember the cushy gig your fat buddy got you? What was his name again?”

Hellmuth, usually one to ensure he has the last word, backed down following the tweet, responding only with, “You win Adam. I’m not [claiming] to be an expert. Basically I don’t believe everyone inside FTP should be treated the same, but I’m not the judge of that…”

If Hellmuth thought it would die there, he was wrong. Dan Moosah added his own take, tweeting, “What a load of bullshit Hellmuth. Will the same haters be surprised about your silence about Ultimate Bet? Have you ever spoken publicly and truthfully about that?”

Hagop Daglian, a semi-pro player out of California, showed up on Twitter a few hours later and responded to the Poker Brat, saying, “First @phil_hellmuth backs up the scum Ferguson and then he claims Cantu is a great buy and people should run to youstake and buy pieces…you’re on a roll Phil!”

While there’s no doubting Hellmuth’s ability at the poker tables, his social media skills leave a lot to be desired. This isn’t the first time he’s been caught in a Twitter war with other players, and it certainly won’t be his last.