Asian Poker Tour to be held in Japan

Asian Poker Tour to be held Japan

Next year will see the first appearance of the Asian Poker Tour (APT) in Japan. The APT Tokyo is scheduled to take place over the course of two weekends, beginning February 1 and ending Asian Poker Tour to be held JapanMonday, February 11. The series of events will be run a little differently than most tournaments, though, and won’t award cash to the winners.

APT Tokyo will consist of eight different events, all played at the Casino Stadium Tokyo. In lieu of cash, winners will be resented with entry packages to participate in the APT Philippines, which will be held in April and May. That series takes place in conjunction with the celebration of Japan’s Golden Week.

The player who takes down APT Tokyo’s Main Event will pick up an entry into the APT Philippines Main Event, as well as the series’ Championships Event and the High Rollers event. The runner up will earn an entry into the Main Event and the Championships Event. Third- and fourth-place finishers will get into the Main Event only. Winners of the other events during APT Tokyo will gain entry into a mix of games that include the APT Philippines Main Event and other side events.

The APT recently wrapped up an appearance in Vietnam. It held 11 tournaments in Da Nang from October 5 through October 11, including the main event that featured a guarantee of $257,256. The event was taken down by Tetsuya Tsuchikawa, who took home just over $70,000.

The full schedule for the APT Japan series is currently as follows:

Thu, Feb 118:30Event 1: Kickoff (30 mins)JPY 10,000
Fri, Feb 211:00Main Event Day 1AJPY 30,000
12:00Kickoff Day 2
15:00Event2: No Limit Hold’em 1 (30 mins)JPY 12,000
Sat, Feb 311:00Main Event Day 1BJPY 30,000
12:00No Limit Hold’em Day 2
15:00Event 3: No Limit Holdem Turbo 1 (20 mins)JPY 10,000
Thu, Feb 818:00Event 4: No Limit Hold’em Turbo 2 (20 mins)JPY 10,000
18:30Event 5: High Rollers (40 mins)JPY 50,000
Fri, Feb 911:00Main Event Day 1CJPY 30,000
13:00High Rollers Day 2
16:00Event 6A: Championships Event Day 1AJPY 25,000
Sat, Feb 1011:00Main Event Day 2
13:00Event 6B: Championships Event Day 1BJPY 25,000
15:00Event 7: No Limit Hold’em 2 (30 mins)JPY 20,000
Sun, Feb 1111:00Main Event Final Day
12:00Championships Event Final day
13:00Event 8: No Limit Hold’em 3 (30 mins)JPY 15,000