A class of their own: Unibet Open to merge with Deepstacks event in Malta

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The team at Unibet will unite the Unibet Open, and the Unibet Deepstacks Open in a May extravaganza at the Casino Malta in St Julians as they continue to provide everything their community needs and more.

When I saw her, I wanted her badly. She was massaging a man, a big smile lighting up the room. There were over a hundred people riffling chips. The only sound I could hear was my heart A class of their own: Unibet Open to merge with Deepstacks event in Maltapushing the blood to the thing that lives between my legs.




Was I punching above my weight?

Seven years later and the only itch is a slight case of thrush. We are together. Two rings. Fireworks. The Northern Lights. Tears. A Bended knee. A promise.

I spend the evenings lying on my back throwing stones at the stars.

And I still think I am punching above my weight.

Unibet: a poker room that’s punching

Is Unibet punching above their weight?

When I settled down to write this, I thought they were, but now I can see the truth. Unibet isn’t exchanging left and right hooks with PokerStars, partypoker, and 888Poker because they’re not in the same ring.

People don’t play at Unibet because they love poker. It works. It ticks the boxes. It makes their life easier. It’s a solution to a problem. But these are not the reasons that Unibet is performing so well in a marketplace full of giants. The people of Unibet choose the Swedish online poker room because they value what they stand for, and they want to belong to a tribe that embodies similar values.

This began as a tale of the underdog.

I can now see that it’s a tale of a brand that has a purpose that brings their customers together.

Unibet Open Partner With Unibet Deepstack

Unibet’s flagship live operation is partnering with their offshoot for the very first time.

From May 16-20 the Unibet Live machine arrives at the International Hotel in St. Julians where the Unibet Open will enter into a brief relationship with the Unibet Deepstack Open.

The Casino Malta host the ten-event tournament that includes:

€1,100 Unibet Open Main Event

€330 Unibet Deepstack Open

€220 NL Turbo Bounty

€330 Superstack

The Unibet live stream team is on hand, and the second and final day of the Unibet Deepstack Open features as does the Unibet Open Main Event. The winner of the latter will join Andreas Wiborg and Dave Lappin at the end of season Battle of Champions, after Wiborg won the Unibet Open London Main Event, and Lappin topped the inaugural Unibet Online Series (UOS) High and Overall Leaderboards.

The female of the species feature prominently within the Unibet community, and Unibet ambassador, Daiva Byrne, hosts a special €110 Ladies Event. There is also a €10,000 invitational “Battle Royale” freeroll featuring a plethora of Unibet sponsored esports stars attempting to turn their hand towards poker and a €5,000 first prize.

Third Time The Charm

It’s the third time the Unibet Open has dropped an anchor in the waters off the Maltese coast.

In 2016, Martin Soukup beat a field of 292 entrants to win the €65,000 first prize, and in 2011 Mateusz Moolhuizen, defeated 293, on his way to a €117k first-prize as I watched from the rail (in between glances at the woman who would later become my wife).


Unibet isn’t punching above their weight.

They are in a class of their own.


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