GPI China is born; Asian Poker Tour finds new live stream partner

GPI China is born; Asian Poker Tour finds new live stream partner

The Chinese have decided it’s wiser to have a standalone Global Poker Index China website and rankings, and the Hong Kong Player’s Association becomes the live stream partner of the Asian Poker Tour.

It’s all kicking off in China.

GPI China is born; Asian Poker Tour finds new live stream partnerDonald Trump introduced a punitive tariff on steel and aluminium imports, and all hell broke loose. Randy Lew was so afraid he pawned his undelivered engagement ring and slid a gold cellophane jobbie on Celina Lin‘s fine looking finger (the ungrateful sod only went and lost it). And then the Chinese demanded a split from the Global Poker Index (GPI).

Beijing’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, promised a response.

You’re too late mate.

It’s already happening.

Mediarex Sports Culture Ltd (Beijing) and Mediarex Sports & Entertainment (Malta) – they seem like the same sort of thing to me – have decided it’s better for the growth of poker in China and the surrounding areas if they have a standalone GPI.

The Global Poker Index China (GPIC) splits from the GPI proper two months after the Chengdu Pandas won the inaugural Global Poker League China (GPLC) after beating The Hong Kong Treasure Ships in the final.

According to the press report bringing the news, the decision for the split came via feedback the players who competed in that first event. Poker is a growth sport in China, but the authorities are still unconvinced that poker is little more than a stealth weapon introduced by Trump to keep 1.3 billion people inside casinos as he steals the Great Wall of China brick-by-brick and lays it between the US and Mexico.

The new league covers the Greater China Region, mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau. The press release also highlighted Quan Zhou as the 2017 GPIC Player of the Year. The current rankings show Yang Zhang as the current End Boss.

Zhou banked three six-figure scores in 2017:

He won a High Roller event in the PokerStars Championship Macau for $469,000 and finished fifth and ninth in High Roller events at the Barcelona version of that same festival.

Zhang has begun the year well-finishing runner-up in a $3k side event at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) for $88,320, and second in a $3k event at the Wynn in Las Vegas for $83,000.

The Hong Kong Player’s Association to Stream Asian Poker Tour Events 

Cantonese speaking poker fans in Hong Kong and mainland China received a boost this week after the Hong Kong Poker Player’s Association (HKPPA) agreed on a deal to live stream The Asian Poker Tour (APT).

The partnership begins with coverage of the APT Championship Philippines March 21 – April 12 at Resorts World Manilla via HKPPA’s channel Douya.

HKPPA’s Managing Director Stephan Lai told GGRAsia there is a ‘significant demand’ for Cantonese online-streaming poker content in places like Malaysia, Macau and Guangdong.

Up until this point, the APT has used Facebook’s Live feature to stream content, but see the value in HKPPA’s broader reach via their Internet streaming platform.