‘Disappointed’ Lottoland submits to ban on Australian lotteries betting

‘Disappointed’ Lottoland submits to ban on Australian lotteries betting

Although bummed out that it has been betrayed by the Northern Territory Racing Commission, online lottery betting operator Lottoland said it will acquiesce with the regulatory body’s ban on betting on Australian lotteries.

‘Disappointed’ Lottoland submits to ban on Australian lotteries bettingThe Northern Territory Government confirmed on Tuesday night that it has instructed the racing commission to prohibit Lottoland from accepting bets on Australian-based lotteries. The decision comes after local newsagents and lottery outlets campaigned to limit the Gibraltar-based lottery website’s terms of registration on grounds that Lottoland’s “synthetic betting practice has undercut hardworking small businesses, including many newsagencies.”

The order, however, does not stop Lottoland from accepting wagers on international lotteries.

On Wednesday, Lottoland Australia CEO Luke Brill said the company will “work with the Northern Territory Government to implement the necessary changes.”

“Lottoland Australia is disappointed but we respect this decision,” Brill said in a statement. “We offer value and choice through innovation to more than 650,000 Australians and, importantly, there are no restrictions on our international products, meaning our customers can continue to bet on the outcome of overseas lotteries.”

Launched in January 2016, Lottoland Australia was met with Aussie punters who were thrilled to finally be able to place their bets on major international lottery drawings. Since then, Lottoland’s customer list has grown to over 650,000, prompting Aussie rivals like NT-licensed Crown Bet to launch their own versions of the online lottery betting product.

Brill pointed out that international lotteries that “offer larger jackpots” are still the “preferred betting option” of Lottoland customers.

“From day one Lottoland has strived to grow the market through our international offering. Every bet placed on an international lottery is incremental revenue that state governments and newsagents can benefit from if they work with Lottoland,” the executive said. “We are still committed to working with newsagents so they can expand their service offering through our platform and counter the negative impact Tatts’ digital business is having on their revenues. Our offer to state governments on paying a point of consumption tax also stands.”