Second US presidential debate: Will Trump use a made-up word?

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Second US presidential debate: Will Trump use a made-up word?Another round of he said, she said is about to go underway, and many pundits are wondering if Republican candidate Donald Trump will be able to turn the page on Sunday.

Trump has his work cut out for him this weekend, as the odds of him stepping a foot in the White House continues to shorten. Sportsbook Bodog still sees Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton pulling ahead with 3/10 odds to become the next president of the United States, while Trump’s odds to win went from 2/5 after the first debate to 12/5.

The second presidential debate is expected to have fewer than 84 million viewers at -250 (2/5), with television network NBC trumping—no pun intended—others to have the most recorded viewers at 4/9. ABC follows with 3/2 odds, while CBS has 3/1, and FOX at 11/2.

Debate specials

The first presidential debate saw Clinton trounce Trump, who, in turn, grew increasingly defensive and rambling as the night went on. Sunday’s showdown will definitely have all eyes on Trump to see how he will fare this time around. But beyond Trump’s ability to maintain his grace under pressure, punters are also interested on what he will be wearing.

The odds of Trump wearing a red tie is at 2/5, followed by yellow or gold at 7/4, while other colors are at 5/1, and black and blue are at 30/1.

Clinton, on the other hand, is favored to wear a blue jacket at 4/7, followed by white and other colors at 4/1, while yellow or gold is at 6/1, black is at 10/1, and red is at 30/1.

Trump’s new invented word

There’s a whole host of other prop bets available, including the probabilities that Trump will not invent another word during the debate (-600); not say “bigly/big league” (-140); say “huge” (-250); say “build the wall/build a wall” (-180); or say “tremendous” (6.5 over/under).

Meanwhile the odds of “Russia” will be mentioned is at 12.5 over/under, while “Mexico” is at 4.5 over/under. The probability of “China” being mentioned during the debate is at 9.5 over/under, while the word “trillion is at 10.5 over/under.

Clinton and Trump are scheduled to face each other again in St. Louis on Sunday.


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