Raising For Effective Giving Enters DFS Space; Finance Next

Raising For Effective Giving Enters DFS Space; Finance Next

Raising For Effective Giving has launched their effective altruism awareness in the Daily Fantasy Sports market, and the world of finance could be next.

The tribe at Raising for Effective Giving (REG) is moving their rational minds into the realm of Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) after hooking up with Tom ‘chipotleaddict’ Crowley.

Raising For Effective Giving Enters DFS Space; Finance NextCrowley is a former professional poker player now earning his living playing DFS. REG revealed plans to enter the DFS market some time ago, but their arrival hastened after Crowley reached out to the effective altruists after winning the Draftkings Millionaire Maker recently.

Writing in a blog post on Rotogrinders.com Crowley said, “After winning the Millionaire Maker I realised I just might have an opportunity to help this idea {effective altruism} transition to the DFS community. The following morning I decided to reach out to REG to see if this was something they had considered. I was happy to learn they had already been working on a site focused on DFS that was near completion.”

The site is operational. It carries the URL www.reg-dfs.org. To promote it, both Crowley and the recent 2015 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event fourth place finisher, and professional DFS player, Max Steinberg, have both promised to triple any REG donations up to a maximum of $75,000 until Sunday, January 17th, 2016.

Crowley will also sponsor a $5,000 Draftkings Freeroll for anyone willing to participate in the matching challenge or take the pledge (to donate 2% of DFS winnings to effective charities).

Half of the money will go to the non-profit: Against Malaria Foundation (AMF). The funds raised for AMF help protect people from malaria. It’s the number one rated effective charity on the charity evaluator site GiveWell. The other half will go towards REG so they can use the money to spread their ideas of effective giving into other areas.

One such area is the world of finance. REG has already set up a URL www.reg-finance.org, and there are also plans to move into other fields such as surgeons, tennis players and celebrities.

Crowley and Steinberg are not the only people with a connection to poker who are currently doing their best to earn money for effective charities. Dan Smith and Dan Colman are matching any donations up to a total of $70,000 and Sorel Mizzi will face off against Brian Rast in a boxing match on Dec 30th, with all proceeds heading towards effective charities selected by REG.