Jakarta police search for football gambling financier

Jakarta police search for football gambling financier

Jakarta police search for football gambling financierThe hunt is on for a man who authorities said is financing an online football gambling operation in Jakarta.

Police suspect the businessman from Sumatras Bangka-Belitung province—codenamed RD—was the source of funds of an international football gambling activity through website www.sh***t.com, Antara News reported.

The operation was carried out by a man named Budi, who police arrested in North Jakarta last Aug. 31. Investigators said Budi has been RD’s agent since two years ago.

According to the media outlet, RD gave Budi a capital of IDR 2 billion ($140,352) for the operation, and Budi—acting as middleman—would take the bets he collected from participants to the organizer.

Indonesian authorities have been cracking down hard on the illegal online gambling operations in the country.

In the past month alone, police in Jakarta arrested a total of 24 people who they believed were involved in illegal gambling business in the city, Tempo reported. Officers seized IDR 51 billion ($3.6 million) from the series of raids.

Comr. Sr. Krishna Murti, director of general crimes of the Jakarta Police, told the news outlet that the illegal gambling ring was controlled by a man—with the initials LM—in the Riau province.

Authorities have also broken up an online gambling ring in the island of Bali last month. Thirty-five men and 13 women from Taiwan and China were arrested on suspicion of operating an illegal online gambling business in Jimbaran, a tourist resort in the island.

Immigration officials said some of the arrested people lacked proper documentation, while others had arrived on tourist visas but had already overstayed their welcome.