Interview with Oron Barber & Eilon Arad About Bitcoin Technology

Oron Barber & Eilon Arad of BetcoinTech talks about Bitcoin, the technology behind it and how it can change and influence the payment system in the coming years.


Oron Barber has been involved in igaming for 12 years. Having started at one of Playtech companies, Oron opened his own marketing agency later on and dealt with affiliates, traffic, PPC and SEO campaigns and other things. In the last 2 years, Oron has relocated in the Philippines, dealing mainly with the crypto coins. Oron also owns several projects in the Bitcoin Gambling market like / / and others.

Bitcoinvention Asia was established by two Bitcoin entrepreneurs based in Asia, Oron Barber and Eilon Arad. The decision came after seeing the fact that even though Bitcoin is quickly gaining popularity to most Asian countries, there still lack of information about these crypto-currency.

“Bitcoin is not only instant transparent coin. The technology behind bitcoin which is called the blockchain- one of the most interesting technologies ever developed. It is also a technology that will be adopted by other institutions like banks and so on because while the identity of all traders of bitcoin and users of bitcoin is anonymous. So the coin is still very transparent and you can see all the transaction in an instant. You know what’s going on in any given point unlike bank transaction where it’s kept in the dark until you see the money in the bank,” said Eilon Arad.

Many believe that this digital currency will change the landscape of the existing currencies—its technology will influence how the payment system works in the years to come.

The Bitcoin gambling market is expected to reach its maximum potential in few years. Until then, more revolutionary developments will take place in this growing niche, especially as the price of the digital currency stabilizes on the market.

The success of Bitcoin Gambling is imminent, but the Bitcoin technologies alone do not guarantee it. This is the reason gambling operators need the extra help in marketing and maintaining their brands. CoinPoint, a premium media and marketing agency, is a firm prepared to take the challenge and provide gambling operators with the services necessary to ensure success in the growing market for Bitcoin gambling.

Watch the video to hear more from Oron Barber & Eilon Arad.